Au Pair Luxembourg


An "au pair" is the term used for young person between 18 and 29 years old, who lives with a family abroad for a limited period of time and support them with childcare. (up to 13). It is the perfect chance to discover this beautful multilingual and multicultural country  

An au pair programme is a cultural exchange programme that allows young people from all over the world to travel to other countries to live with a host family in exchange for childcare services. The word ‘au pair’ is French and means “on a par with” or “on equal terms.” 

The au pair should be fully immersed in the life of the family and receives free board and lodging, as well as pocket money and the opportunity to experience and get to know the country, its language and its culture at first hand.

Au pairs are not employees, but family members on an equal footing. They are not responsible for round-the-clock care of the children. The goal of the au pair programme is the cultural exchange between the host family and the au pair.

Why become an au pair?​

As an au pair you have the life-changing opportunity to live abroad and to experience a whole new culture first hand, as well as sharing your own culture with your host family.

The main benefits are:

  • Cultural immersion

  • Learn a new language

  • Travel & discover a new country

  • Make new friends

  • Make a difference

  • Gain new skills & independence

  • A home away from home

Which legal criteria must an au pair meet?

Mother and Child
  • Provide a school-leaving certificate from the country of origin, or university degree certificate, or proof of attendance at school until the age of 17;

  • Knowledge of English or one of the three administrative languages in Luxembourg (Luxembourgish/German/French) (A2);

  • Have a basic knowledge of one of the languages spoken by the host family (A1) if different from those mentioned above.

  • Sign a contract with an approved host family;

  • Provide a medical certificate confirming that you are mentally and physically capable of looking after children and doing light housework;

  • Sign a sworn statement of no family ties with the host family (up to and including the 4th degree);

  • Apply for a residence permit if holding a non-EU passport:

Princess Dad

Must the au pair be available to the host family at any time?

No !

  • The working week of an au pair is limited to 25 hours.

  • The basic idea of the au pair exchange is that the host family receives childcare support and in return takes in a young person and introduces the au pair to their language and the Luxembourgish culture. In order for this to succeed, the au pair needs sufficient free time.

  • The au pair is generally entitled to one full day of rest per week plus two additional days of rest per month.

  • The host family and the au pair determine the exact working hours together in the contract.

Are language courses for au pairs compulsory?

Yes !

  • The requirement to attend language courses during the stay in Luxembourg is part of the contract.

  • The host family is responsible for the costs and the au pair can freely choose the courses, but this should be discussed with the host family in advance (duration, costs, etc.)

What are the tasks of an au pair in a host family?

Feeding the Toddler


  • Getting the children ready for school/kindergarten in the morning (e.g. helping them to get dressed)

  • Preparing school lunch/school bag;

  • Supervising the children’s homework;

  • Taking the children to school/kindergarten and picking them up again;

  • Accompanying the children to their leisure activities or excursions;

  • Familiarising the children with their language and culture;

  • Playing with the children;

  • Having meals with the children or helping them at mealtimes;

  • Watching the children in the evening when their parents are out

Light household tasks:

  • Taking care of the children’s laundry;

  • Preparing light meals for or with the children;

  • Doing small shopping errands;

  • Emptying the dishwasher;

  • Tidying the children’s room;

  • Cleaning and tidying their own room and bathroom

Woman Tutoring Child

What is not part of the duties of an au pair in a host family?

  • Cleaning the family’s private rooms (e.g. parents’ bedroom or bathroom);

  • Cleaning or tidying up the garage, cellar, attic, etc.;

  • Washing the car;

  • Gardening;

  • Doing the family’s laundry;

  • Cooking for the whole family.

Can an au pair have another job on the side?

No !

  • This is because the stay as an au pair in Luxembourg is intended to convey Luxembourg culture to young people from other countries.

  • For this purpose, au pairs need to have enough free time which, however, must not be used to earn money.