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Being the Host Family for an Au Pair in Luxembourg is the perfect chance to open your doors to the world. The au pair becomes an extended family member that can bring a lot to your children

Are we the Ideal Host Family ? 

An au pair program is a cultural exchange program that allows young people from all over the world travel to other countries to live with a host family in exchange for child care services. The word ‘au pair’ is French with a meaning of “on par” or “on equal terms.” 

The au pair is integrated into the family and receives free board and lodging as well as pocket money and the opportunity to experience and get to know the country, language and culture at first hand.

Au pairs are not employees, but family members on an equal footing. They are not responsible for round-the-clock care of the children. The goal of the au pair programme is the cultural exchange between the host family and the au pair.

Why become a Host Family?​

Being a host family is a chance to open your doors to the world and build a lifelong relationship with a person from abroad. Your children will have the opportunity to learn a new language and you will all be able to benefit from an exciting cultural exchange and memories to last a lifetime.

The main benefits are:

  • The invaluable ability to expose your family to another language and culture

  • Gaining another valued family member that your children will come to regard as a big sister or brother.

  • In addition to childcare, an Au Pair can help with some light housework

  • A familiar face to lend a hand:

  • New shared experiences

What requirements does a host family have to meet in order to host an au pair?

  • You must have at least one child younger than 13 old and provide proof of main care for children younger than six years old;

  • You must be able to provide the au pair with his/her own room;

  • You must be aware that an au pair is not available around the clock. The following working time restrictions apply: a maximum average of 5 hours per day during a reference period of one week; a maximum average of 25 hours per week during a reference period of one month or 4 weeks.

What are the financial costs for the host family?

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  • The host family must provide the au pair not only with a room of their own, but also monthly pocket money amounting to at least one fifth of the legal minimum wage (currently 440 €)

  • You must cover a large part of the costs incurred, including language courses, insurance and food.

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Must the au pair be available to the host family at any time?

No !

  • The working week of an au pair is limited to 25 hours.

  • The basic idea of the au pair exchange is that the host family receives childcare support and in return takes in a young person and introduces them to their language and the Luxembourgish culture. In order for this to succeed, the au pair needs sufficient free time.

  • The au pair is generally entitled to one full day of rest per week plus two additional days of rest per month.

  • The host family and the au pair determine the exact working hours together in the contract.

Are language courses for au pairs compulsory?

Yes !

  • The requirement to attend language courses during the stay in Luxembourg is part of the contract.

  • The host family is responsible for the costs and the au pair can freely choose the courses, but this should be discussed with the host family in advance (duration, costs, etc.)

What are the tasks of an au pair in a host family?

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  • Getting the children ready for school/kindergarten in the morning (helping to get dressed);

  • Preparing school lunch/school bag;

  • Supervise the children’s homework;

  • Taking the children to school/kindergarten and picking them up again;

  • Accompanying the children to their leisure activities or excursions;

  • Familiarising the children with their language and culture;

  • Playing with the children;

  • Having meals with the children or helping them at mealtimes;

  • Watching the children in the evening when their parents are out.

Light household tasks:

  • Taking care of the children’s laundry;

  • Preparing light meals for or with the children;

  • Doing small shopping errands;

  • Emptying the dishwasher;

  • Tidying the children’s room;

  • Cleaning and tidying their own room and bathroom

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What is not part of the duties of an au pair in a host family?

  • Cleaning the family’s private rooms (e.g. parents’ bedroom or bathroom);

  • Cleaning or tidying up the garage, cellar, attic, etc.;

  • Washing the car;

  • Gardening;

  • Doing the family’s laundry;

  • Cooking for the whole family.

Can an au pair have another job on the side?

No !

  • This is because the stay as an au pair in Luxembourg is intended to convey Luxembourg culture to young people from other countries.

  • For this purpose, au pairs need to have enough free time, which, however, must not be used to earn money.