Speaking & Understanding the Language and the Culture of Au Pair Families.

"Berlitz offers trainings in over 40 languages as well as intercultural and management skills, which can take place face-to-face as well as online"

The Berlitz language training is intended for everyone and is custom-designed.

Who are your services intended for and how does this work in practice?

Berlitz offers trainings in over 40 languages as well as for intercultural and management skills. Our programs are custom-designed to fit the specific needs of our clients, should they be large or small corporations, individuals, young students or children. Our language classes are available through various delivery platforms such as online via a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer, or face-to-face. Our clients are free to choose between individual lessons or group lessons. To satisfy all your needs and wants, classes can take place at our Berlitz centre, at your company or at your home. Berlitz offers you the flexibility to schedule your courses when and where you want and for the duration you desire.

Before you start your courses, Berlitz invites you to take a free placement test to check your language level based on vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehension. You will be scored based on your language proficiency level on the Berlitz scale in order to give you an adequate language training based on your level. To offer our clients a quality language course, Berlitz uses the unique Berlitz Method, which is a natural way to learn a new language. With the Berlitz method, all communication during class takes place in the target language. Instructors are native speakers and use a conversational approach based on listening and speaking.

An immersive environment encourages learners to quickly develop their skills in oral communication. Even beginners can formulate simple sentences after their very first lesson. At the core of our method is maximized and active students´ participation. Only by speaking actively can learners communicate in the new language quickly. Our teachers will ensure that students feel confident, that their level is appropriate and that the atmosphere encourages communication.

The Berlitz language training is intended for everyone, from children to adults, and is custom-designed to satisfy each learner’s needs.

What is the added value for Au Pairs?

We live in an era of limitless mobility, freedom of travel and professional opportunities on every continent. This is why working with people from other cultures is often an everyday occurrence in today’s workplace. Such collaboration is an interesting and enriching experience for all the parties but it can become very challenging when it comes to communication. Cultural differences can contribute to misunderstanding and conflicts and cause decreased productivity. This is why speaking and understanding the language and the culture of au pair families or colleagues is very important for any au pair to succeed and achieve their goals in a globalized world.

That is the reason why Berlitz offers au pairs language courses and intercultural workshops. The au pair can choose between group courses with other au pairs and individual courses. Berlitz offers them the possibility and the flexibility to adapt their course hours, the location and the duration of the class to their work schedule, which makes it less stressful for the au pair. For the course itself, Berlitz trainers select course materials based on the au pair’s stated goals, identified at the beginning of the course. This ensures that they learn to speak in a setting that reflects their real-world experiences. The cornerstone of the method is to give them the confidence they need to speak a new language outside of the lessons. The fact that the course material is based on their real-world working environment allows the au pair to practice what they have learned directly by applying it at their work place.

A better knowledge of the different languages and cultures is therefore beneficial to an au pair and enables the au pair to improve their communication which will make it easier to achieve their goals and improve their productivity.

Further to the COVID-19 crisis we are going through, have you adapted your products/services and if yes, how?

Despite the current COVID-19 crisis, Berlitz still offers its clients the same courses as usual, which can take place face-to-face as well as online.

However, for the safety of our students, our employees and our teachers, we have adapted our face-to-face lessons to follow the safety standards imposed by the government. Due to the fact that Berlitz has always offered online classes, which may be preferred during this sanitary crisis, there is no problem in organizing and structuring such a lesson.

Concerning the face-to-face lessons taking place at the Berlitz centre, we organize lessons in our biggest rooms so as to respect social distancing. Wearing masks and social distancing is mandatory during every face-to-face lesson, no matter whether it is at our office, at your company or at your home. Hand sanitizers are available everywhere in our office as well as in every class room.

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