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The State Health Scheme

Your family will have registered you as an au pair in their home with the CCSS (Health and Social Security) and you will receive confirmation of registration (déclaration d’entrée)

Your social security number (matricule) is your date of birth backwards plus 5 digits

  • You can find it on the registration document that you received from the local commune and on your temporary authorization to stay that you received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you have not received your European Social Security Card, you can order it online

  • You will need to enter your social security number

  • Pay attention to the expiry date and order a new one at least three weeks before it runs out

  • If your card runs out and you need proof of cover you can order a certificate which will be sent to your registered address. You need to allow at least three days for it to arrive

  • List of countries covered by the scheme: In these countries you will be entitled to the same treatment as is available to a native of the country. If you have to pay, submit the bill to the CNS as normal. All bills must be issued in French, German or English. If you have treatment in a country not covered by the scheme you can still submit bills, as long as they are in the above languages and the treatment is fully described.

Claiming Reimbursement for Medical Expenses

Health Insurance comes under the remit of the CNS ( and information is available in English, French and German.

Please be aware that the medical and TB test for immigration are not reimbursed by the CNS.

  • At the pharmacy: If you visit a pharmacy with a prescription from a health professional, you will only pay your part of the cost and there will be no further reimbursement by the CNS.

  • At the doctor or hospital: If you visit a medical practitioner or hospital, you will either be issued a bill at the time or sent one later.

  • To claim reimbursement, you must either pay immediately and have the bill stamped and signed by the doctor, or if you pay by bank transfer you must tick the box on your web banking for a debit advice. You will need to send this when you send in the bill for reimbursement. If you use a digital transfer from your phone, make sure that your bank will issue a debit advice for the transaction (avis de débit).

  • The first time you claim, please make sure you include your RIB (bank identity slip) which you can download from your web banking. You will not be reimbursed without this. You only need to send it the first time you claim.

  • Send the bill and proof of payment to: Caisse Nationale de la Santé, Remboursements, L-2980 Luxembourg

You are not required to put a stamp on the envelope.

Reimbursement can take a couple of months.

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