Liichtmëssdag - February 2nd

(Liicht=light, Mëss = mass and Dag = day)

February 2nd is Liichtmëssdag (Candlemas in the Christian calendar) and traditionally children go from door to door carrying homemade lanterns. They sing a special song in return for sweets or small change. This year, unfortunately, this may not happen due to COVID, but make sure there is a bag of sweets in the house, just in case! It is also the eve of St Blaise’s Day. St Blaise was a doctor and the patron saint of sore throats, a common complaint at this time of year! Legend says he miraculously cured a little boy who nearly died because of a fishbone in his throat. Since the eighth century people have prayed to him on behalf of the sick, but especially those suffering with illnesses of the throat.

Why not make a lantern with the children of your host family and learn the song?

You can listen to the song below:

These are the words:

Léiwer Härgottsblieschen, Dear St Blaise Gitt ons Speck an Ierbessen Give us bacon and peas Ee Pond, zwee Pond, 1 pound, 2 pounds Dat anert Joer da gitt der gesond, Next year you will be healthy Da gitt der gesond. You will be healthy

Loosst déi jonk Leit liewen, Let the young live an déi al derniewent. And the old alongside them Kommt der net bal, Are you coming soon? D’Féiss ginn ons kal. Our feet are getting cold Kommt Der net gläich, If you don’t come soon Da gi mer op d’Schläich. We will tiptoe away Kommt der net geschwënn, Will you come quickly D’Féiss ginn ons dënn. Our feet are getting thinner Kommt Der net gewëss, If you don’t come for sure Da kritt Der e Schouss voll Nëss You will get a lapful of nuts

As you are sure to have noticed, it doesn’t translate too well into English!

Instructions on how to make a simple lantern can be found here and you can find many more examples online.

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