The Pros and Cons of hiring an au pair

Au Pair with Child
Au Pair in Luxembourg

In a family where both parents are working can be difficult! Striking a work-life balance can be challenging, and while you may be excited to return to work or start a new role, the thought of leaving your children with someone else can be a very frightening prospect.

There is an option - hiring an Au Pair.

Pros of hosting an Au Pair

  • You can welcome in an honorary member of the family

  • They bring their traditions, culture and language to the host family

  • They provide care for your children and help out around the house

  • They will ensure that your child is well socialised and participating in activities

  • They are closer in age and can relate better to your children

  • They can work according to your schedule.

  • They cost less than a nanny

Cons of hosting an Au Pair

  • The Au Pair will be living with the Host Family, the family’s privacy will be influenced. It will take a bit of time to adapt to a new person.

  • You would be required to provide them with room and board

  • They would expect to be included in meals and family outings

  • It takes time for an Au Pair to adapt to a new place and country, especially if the first time that thy travel abroad alone. It might also take time for your children to accept a new person

  • As they are coming to you from a different country, you won't be able to meet them in person before they come out to work for you

  • The main goal of the Au Pair program is cultural exchange, and as au pairs are young, they may not have extensive childcare experience

  • They cannot work more than 25 hours per week

If you think that you are ready to host an Au pair, please contact us:

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